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ERA-15 Picture Gallery

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    What is in the Picture Gallery?

    In the "Picture Gallery" we have collected a set of maps of the fifteen year ERA climate. All maps have been drawn from our quick-look 2.5 degree dataset, so the resolution is not as good as in the original T106/N80. This is particulary notable in the surface fields.

    The Upper_Air fields are initialized analyses at 00UTC.

    The Surface fields are averaged over the day from the initialized analyses at 00, 06, 12 and 18 UTC.

    The Flux and Rain fields are averaged from the twice daily +12h->+24h forecasts.

    In the Stress maps the stresses over land have been suppressed.

    The 'Speed' in the surface directory is from monthly mean wind speeds, regardless of direction, while the winds of course are vector means. Unfortunately the corresponding magnitude fields for the stress isn't around, although we did calculate them. Probably some months were lost and the 15-year averaging didn't like that. This is also the reason that we don't have higher levels in the stratosphere than 50mb.

    For the OLR (TOA LW radiation) we have changed the sign to +, the maps became so horribly blue otherwise, and we wanted to use the same colour scale for all fluxes.